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Bo Aung Gyaw No.3 Container Wharf
(State Own)
Operational in February 1998
Quay Length - 183m

Bo Aung Gyaw Container Yard
(State Own)
Opened in 1989
Yard Area – 15Acres
Total Container Starage Capacity -2622 TEUs
Laden - 1818 TEUs
Empty - 750 TEUs
Refer - 54 TEUs

Botataung No.2 Inland Container Depot
(State Own) Opened in December 1999
Yard Area – 16.45 Acres
Toal Container Storages Capicity-2822 TEUs
Laden - 1962 TEUs
Empty- 800 TEUs
Refer – 60 Units
Botataung No.1 Inland Container Depot
(MPA-Allied Yangon Inland Container Depot)
Opened in July 1996
Yard Area - 9.75 Acres
Total Container Storages Capacity.4387 TEUs
Laden - 500 TEUs
Empty - 3872 TEUs
Refer - 15 TEUs

Private Port (Foreign Investment)
Myanmar International Terminals Thilawa Co., Ltd.
Myanmar International Terminals Thilawa (MITT) Port
No.of Berth - 5
Quay Length – 1000 M
Handled Cargo – G.C & Container
Opened Date – 9-1-1997

Private Port (Foreign Investment)
MIPS SEA (s) Pte.,Ltd.
Myanmar Integrated Port Limited (MIPL) Port
No.of Berth – 1
Quay Length – 200M
Handled Cargo – G.C/Edible Oil
Opened Date – 25-3-1998
Private Port (National Investment)
Myanmar Annawar Swan Ah Shin Groups Co.,Ltd.
Myanmar Industrial Port (MIP) Port
No of Berth – 2
Quay Length – 310M
Handled Cargo – Container/GC
Opened Date – 4.1.2003

Private Port (Foreign Investment)
(Asia world Port Management co.,Ltd)
Asia world Port Terminal (AWPT)
Ahlone Wharves No.1,2 and 3 multipurpose modern

Opened in March 2000
Quay Length 198M

No.2 Wharf
Opened in December 1997
Quay Length 156M

No.3 Wharf
Opened in 25th November 2005
Quay Length 260M
Handled Cargo – GC/Container
Total Container storage Capicity – 4651 TEUs

International Relationship
The Myanma Port Authority became as a member of International Association of Ports & Habours (IAPH) since 1957. The Myanma Port Authority joined ASEAN Port Association as a member in 25th May 2005.

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