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Myanmar Maritime University conferring degrees and diplomas. The Degrees offered at Myanmar Maritime University are:

  1. B.E. (Naval Architecture)
  2. B.E. (Marine Engineering)
  3. B.E. (Port and Harbour Engineering)
  4. B.E. ( River and Coastal Engineering)
  5. B.E. ( Marine Electrical Systems and Electronics)
  6. B.Sc. (Hons.) (Nautical Science)
  7. Dip. S. M. (Postgraduate Diploma in Shipping Management)
  8. Dip. P. M. ( Postgraduate Diploma in Port Management)

These undergraduate courses were opened on 1st August 2002 and now there are 1741 undergraduate students in Myanmar Maritime University. Now Postgraduate Diploma Courses as Shipping Management and Port Management are being opened on February 1, 2007. The number of students for first year are 451, for second year 356, third year 296, fourth year 297, fifth year (junior) 192 and fifth year (senior) 149. Students for each specialized subject are 136 for Naval Architecture, 558 for Marine Engineering, 114 for Port and Harbour Engineering, 6 for River and Coastal Engineering, 63 for Marine Electrical Systems and Electronics and 428 for Nautical Science Students.

Myanmar Maritime University offers degrees and diplomas with duration of Academic years are as follows.

Names of degrees.

Duration of Academic Years

B.E. ( Naval Architecture )


B.E. ( Marine Engineering


B.E. ( Port and Harbour Engineering )


B.E. ( River and Coastal Engineering )


B.E. ( Marine Electrical Systems and Electronics )


B. Sc. ( Hons. ) ( Nautical Science )


Dip. S.M. (Postgraduate Diploma in Shipping Management )


Dip. P.M. (Postgraduate Diploma in Port Management )


Admission Standards

Only male students who have got at least 400 out of 600 marks in Basic Education High School Examination are allowed to apply for a seat. All the students have to pass medical examination and eye sight test.

Assessment Standards

Streaming (or Specialization ) begins in the Second Year. It is to be determined by the individual student’s preference and the marks scored in the First Year (common courses ) . A student who has completed all the coursework and Industrial Training requirements will be allowed to take a General Viva Voce. If he proves to be satisfactory in the General Viva Voce, he will be awarded B.E.(NA,ME,MESE,PH,RC) degree or B.Sc. / B.Sc. (Hons.) (NS) degree.

An academic year consists of two semesters, each having a duration of 17 weeks of classroom/ lab contact time followed by 2-3 weeks of private study and examination, thus totalling about 20 weeks for each semester.

There will be a vacation of 2 weeks after the first semester examination. After the final (end-of-the-year ) examination there will be an Industrial Training for a specified duration.

The tutorial/ lab performance (if any) together with the examination marks for both semesters will be considered in making the final evaluation of a particular subject.Minimum of 75% classroom attendance and 100% laboratory attendance are required for a student to be qualified for taking the examination.