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Ministry of Transport is the authority to manage and administrate the Maritime Transport, Shipbuilding, Port and Shipping Management, Waterways maintaining and revealing, and Safety of life at sea as well as Myanmar seamen to get jobs in foreign going vessels. In accordance with the Myanmar Maritime University Act (The State Peace and Development Council Law No. 1/2002) of February 14, 2002, this University was temporarily opened in the compound of Institute of Marine Technology (IMT), Bayintnaung Road, Sinmalike, Yangon on August 1, 2002. The Ministry of Transport may establish the colleges, institutes and schools affiliated to the University, as may be necessary with the approval of the Government. On March 29, 2004 the Myanmar Maritime University was inaugurated with the modern design and now, 2194 students are studying theoretically and practically at the university.

The main function of Myanmar Maritime University inaugurated by Ministry of Transport is to develop human resources by producing qualified Naval Architects, Ocean Engineers, Marine Engineers, Marine Electrical Systems and Electronic Engineers, Port and Habour Engineers, River and Coastal Engineers and Navigation Officers. To be able to get an effective Maritime Education and Training, Myanmar Maritime University has drawn up the respective curricula and syllabuses based upon various International Maritime Universities and International Maritime Organization (IMO ) conventions STCW 95.